Monday, August 10, 2009

and thats the way it turned out to be

long day, very hard to focus and get down to business.
got in to a million fights with packing tape and almost got crushed by giant photographs.
i'm really glad no one watches me handle some of these pieces.

i'll now be working another day during the week at the gallery which is pretty exciting.
i figure in 2 weeks i should have this whole collection logged and organized.
it will be a huge professional/personal accomplishment.
and then i move on to assisting in the selection process for the 2010 fellows.
that is going to be a lot more work in a much more stressful environment.
but i'm glad they like what i've been doing so far.

got a call to come in tomorrow for another non-profit arts organization to maybe work on a visual arts program for them.
if that happens, my resume is going to be out of control.
i have a full day with the child on thursday which will be nice for some extra dollars for the weekend.
a little nervous as usual.

very mellow evening with some ladies.
now its nearly 1:30 and i'm cleaning my room.
can't stop watching british tv.

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