Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i have a lot of questions

drinking beers and watching more of the state
trying to figure out the difference between intern and total slave bitch

having these interviews and interactions with all of these non-profits really begs the question
what the fuck are you going to do for me when i spend valuable hours of my time turning your garbage into useable stuff?
yeah i know how to do all of this, im a smart girl with plenty of useful skills no question
im perfectly happy to volunteer these skills as long as i get at least a letter of recommendation, a beefier resume, or maybe even help with grant writing (or even a professional support for a grant proposal which i guess i got today)
but we all know its rough times for money and jobs, (duh) i've applied for everything that looks slightly relevant and have gotten very few responses so i'm doing really everything that i can at this point.
i guess i'm in a unique situation where i can take advantage of all of these internships and the like but i still feel guilty which doesn't make sense.

hopefully i can cool it.
but the state is really fucking funny

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