Saturday, August 1, 2009

these are the moments

today i woke up, made food, fell back to sleep and slept till 4pm.
glorious excess.

now it is 4am and i cant sleep at all.
i love naps but they totally fuck me up.

tonight was fantastic.
checked the cats and met joey at the dive.
started to talk specifics for mz. south philly fab (this shit is going be so crazy!)
stef and cierra made an amazing dinner
went to some awkward club for a hot one.
ended the night at mom's with liz.

i love those ladies so much because they are both so fucking smart.
they are so real, everything gets put into perspective
i think if we all worked together in some kind of collective making our things
we could rule the world
but thats just what i think.

so much happening tomorrow i should sleep
but i cant, my mind is on FF

i should have taken pictures tonight but i didn't
so here are my fingers growing out of the ground

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