Monday, August 17, 2009

blood in the face

these neo-nazis are pretty boring.
and i thought i'd seen every documentary at TLA, wrong again. awesome.

excellent start to the week. feeling especially good, much much better than the hot mess that last week was.
finished the first huge part of the project at the gallery and i can come in on whatever days i want now.
i am really stoked on this internship. it is all making sense to me, and i am going back tomorrow!
stef has the volvo for the week so we are taking the babies to the please touch museum on Wednesday, (yes)
nannying is so much better when its with bffs and when you get to do things that you're not allowed to do without children.
hopefully everyone will behave.
we made a late night trip to lowes for paint and studio supplies, as well as some new toys
home improvement is surprisingly kinky. my friends are so indulgent.

tomorrow i will copy the keys, dye my hair, and work forever

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